Services & Fees

Schedule of Fees and Charges

The following fees may be assessed against your account

Account Research (per hour) $30.00
Account Termination within 90 Days 15.00
Check Cashing (non-customer With Officer Approval)* See Below
Collection Items 20.00
Copy of Statement or Check 2.00
Dormant Fee (Checking per Month) 2.00
Dormant Fee (Savings per Quarter) 2.00

An account is dormant if for one year you have made no deposits or withdrawals on the account.

Garnishment/Levy 25.00
NSF Check Charge** 30.00
Long Distance Fax 3.00
Mortgage Partial Release 200.00
Mortgage Subordination Agreement 200.00
Non Customer ATM Transactions 4.00
Notary Service (Non-Customer) 5.00
Official checks 5.00
Printed Personal Checks (After Initial Check Order) 3.00/Page
Overdraft Paid Transfer fee (from Savings or Checking) 5.00
Paper Statement (if receiving in addition to e-statement) 2.00
Photo copies (Non-Customer Per Copy) .50
Photo copies (Customers over 5 per copy) .10
Reconcilement of Accounts (Per Hour) 30.00
Replace Debit/ATM Card 5.00
Replace lost coupon book 5.00
Return Items 3.00
Stop Payments 25.00
Wire fee 15.00

*Standard non-customer check cashing fee is $15.00, with an additional dollar added per $100 check amount. Subject to Officer Approval. 

**Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawal, or other electronic means, as applicable.

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