PeoplesTrust Bank Accessibility Policy

PeoplesTrust Bank is committed to providing accessible services for all of our customers, including those who have disabilities. PeoplesTrust Bank strives to provide access to everyone, regardless if they do or do not have a disability. For PeoplesTrust Bank, this is the right thing to do. It is consistent with our values, our culture and our concern to help better serve all of our community.

Reasonable Accommodations

Individuals who need reasonable accommodation to access PeoplesTrust Bank products and services should email customer service at or call (205)921-9400 with a request. This will provide the date on which the reasonable accommodation is needed and information about the nature of the requested accommodation. Requests should include contact information such as email address and/or telephone number where you can be reached. Never provide your full account number in an email. Depending on the nature of the request, PeoplesTrust Bank may need sufficient notice to provide a reasonable accommodation.


PeoplesTrust Bank ATMs take into consideration the needs of customers with disabilities.

  • Audio Capability: Access in English by plugging in a standard headset – you will be guided through your transaction while the screen appears blank. A braille sticker on all ATMs directs vision-impaired customers to the audio jack.
  • Design features: ATMs meet height and reach requirements to support wheelchair accessibility.

Online Accessibility

PeoplesTrust Bank has an ongoing commitment to assure that online and mobile banking are easy for all our customers to use, including those with disabilities. We continually enhance the accessibility and usability of our website. If a user with a disability experiences accessibility issues with our website, please email customer service at or call (205)921-9400. In your communication to PeoplesTrust Bank, please specify the nature of the accessibility difficulty, including the URL/web address that may have presented an accessibility challenge. There are several accessibility features on your computer and mobile device that can help maximize the comfort of your online experience. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the size of the text on the screen
  • Magnifying the contents on the screen
  • Enabling high-contrast text
  • Having the words on the screen read out loud to you

For help on customizing any of these features, choose the appropriate link(s) for your operating system and/or browser below.

Operating Systems

To modify system colors, text size or to enable text to speech, choose the appropriate link for your operating system. The link will open another browser page outside of the PeoplesTrust Bank website.

PeoplesTrust Bank always recommends using the latest version of your browser and your assistive technology when accessing our website and online banking.

Third-Party Websites

PeoplesTrust Bank's website could contain links to webpages hosted by third-parties. PeoplesTrust Bank does not make representations regarding the accessibility of third-party websites and is not able to remediate accessibility barriers on such websites.


PeoplesTrust Bank is always working to ensure that our products and services are accessible to everyone in our communities, including individuals with disabilities. If you have an idea or question about accessibility support services at PeoplesTrust Bank, please email customer service at or call (205)921-9400.